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Registered in 2006, the firm is an American, state-registered investment advisor based in New York City, operating most of the year from Tokyo, Japan.  We feel being close to the fast-growing economies of Asia provides an edge in assessing some of the most dynamic investment opportunities in today’s world economy.

Vector Asset Management LLC

d.b.a. Notaro Wealth Advisory

Registered Investment Advisor​



Notaro Wealth Advisory is capable of serving the needs of both growth and income oriented investors.  There are no account minimums, age or experience requirements.



All expenses are fully transparent.  Management fees are a percentage of assets under management. 



We take pride in offering advice that is solely in our clients best interest.  All our research is either internally generated or purchased outright from independent professional sources.

“When you make a choice, you change the future.”  ― Deepak Chopra

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