"My name is Jeffrey Notaro, I own and operate an investment advisory practice for like-minded clients who agree a properly balanced investment strategy should include sound risk management."  

Jeffrey Notaro
Chief Executive Officer

Notaro Wealth Advisory

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Managing Exposure to Risk is Both Logical and Possible

Our primary task as an advisor is not only to manage our client's investments profitably but also to reduce the chance of experiencing painful drawdowns or losses.  We take this awareness of risk seriously, sometimes it means our performance will differ from the "market" averages.  (Though not necessarily for the worse, sometimes low risk and great upside potential are actually available at the same time).  This is naturally attractive to a conservative investor but also makes total sense for the aggressive type.  If we can avoid significant setbacks during market downturns, there is in turn, less ground to make up thereafter.  In pursuit of this lofty goal, we will tap a variety of assets and methods.  Some examples include using options as insurance and to limit loss, and making allocations to hedge funds or commodity trading programs.  For income, we are more likely to build outright bond portfolios rather than use bond funds.  In search of unique opportunities, we may purchase foreign stocks rather than just use index funds.   In summary, we are active managers.  People are different, each client's personal goals and financial wherewithal are taken into account.  Regardless, the objective of attractive returns but with an awareness of risk is the same. 

My retirement is within sight and I have a built up a decent nest egg, but I don’t think I can withstand a significant bear market at this point. 

I would like to consider alternative investment strategies, but I not sure how to proceed.

I would like to expand beyond index funds but it is difficult with so many choices. 

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled... And that has made all the difference.” ― Robert Frost