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Regular postings covering a variety of topics including detailed research papers, analysis of alternative investments, market and strategy commentary, analysis of international markets, investment strategies, option and hedging strategies, and our own cultural and economic observations on Asia from our perch in Tokyo. 

Blog Posts (planned)


  1. A case for using market timing for equities

  2. Limitations investing in bond funds and other interest rate sensitive assets in today's environment

  3. Why the assumptions underpinning many passive investment strategies are potentially vulnerable

  4. How deep-in-the-money covered call option writing can be an income strategy

  5. The managed futures conundrum: are they worth the effort

  6. How to invest for the next bull market in agriculture prices

  7. Best ways to invest in agriculture land without "buying the farm"

  8. Options strategies to build long-term stock positions in an overbought market


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